Hello from Clover Meadow Winery and White Wolf Distillery. The only certified organic winery and distillery in the state, and the Midwest.  Not impressed yet? We're one of the few family-run businesses and we don’t actually want to kill each other, at least not right now as I write this introduction.

You might be asking yourself:

"How on earth does a family in northern Wisconsin start an organic winery and distillery?"

Or perhaps you just Googled the climate where we are...

"Do things even grow up there (average January temps are, indeed, in the single digits)?"

This and so much more is what we want to share and engage with you on.  We want to make you as excited as we are with our new website, new branding and NEW AWARD WINNING PRODUCTS!  With so much NEW we decided it was an excellent time to start engaging with followers through a blog.  We want to share and DISCUSS things like cold hardy grapes and making wine with them, becoming organic and the joys of additional regulators, and the unknowns about wines and how you can do fun tastings in the coziness of your own home.

Who is Clover Meadow?

So who is WE?  Let’s start with our formal titles - that says it all about a person, right?

--> Chief Consumption Officer

I know this one needs a lot of explanation. See my mom……she drinks all the wine ????.

--> Chief Wrangling Officer

This is me, I heard the cats…I mean family, and herding the CCO (remember, she has to sample all the wines every day we are open) can be challenging.

--> Honey Do Manager

This is my husband Jason.  Remember the wrangling officer, well I’m a project manager in the real day job and after 12 years of marriage my husband still shares my love of project plans and roadmaps with projects that take us into 2080…

--> Chief Curator

This is my oldest brother Ryan.  You're thinking "what is this, a museum?!"…Not quite. We consider ourselves an eclectic collection that needs to be finely displayed.

What's in Store?

So I know you are all dying to know how often I will be sharing information from the Middle of Nowhere Winery,  which is LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE. We will be posting weekly (or close to it) and can’t wait for you to join us and grow with us.

What do we mean by "grow with us?" Well,  Wisconsin is known for its dairy products, which helps explain why all these Green Bay Packers fans walk around with orange Swiss cheese triangles on their head, but Wisconsin also leads the nation in exports of cranberries, whey, ginseng root and sweet corn - and we hope to help this list grow to include wine…Hopefully one day changing those beer hats into more elegant wine guzzling caps, sure to become a staple seen outside Lambeau Field during tailgate parties.