What Makes us Different?

The only certified organic winery in the Midwest, and one of only 13 in the US.

We are considered a 'garage' winery and our winemakers garagistes.

The term refers to a group of innovative winemakers, producing "Vins de garage", "Garage wine"."The garagiste winemaker, intimately involved in every step of the process, is practically bound to make a wine which reflects his or her personality, just as a painting reflects the personality of the painter. It can be wine made to your own standards, with passion coming before profit."

Garage Wineries are "for winemakers and owners of limited production, high quality wine brands who are dedicated to their craft and wish to affordably assume more control over winemaking and promotional activities."

Clover Meadow currently has 23 varieties of wine. Varieties range from fruit, honey, botanical, to grape. Quantities are limited and sell out quickly. Once gone, they are not available again for a year.


A serious focus on our Carbon Footprint

Our goal is to make our impact on the climate "carbon neutral."


Clover meadow is an operation that produces 100% of our poser needs through wind, solar, and battery power.


Climate change may be one of the greatest challenges of our generation.  We understand the responsibility and practicality of passing along a healthy environment to future generations.