Clover Meadow Wines

We care for our wine the same way we care for our vineyards and orchards: by keeping them free of chemicals and artificial additives from seed to cork.  When you purchase Clover Meadow, you’re buying pure, organic wine made from the freshest local fruits and clean spring water –no sulfates, preservatives or phenols.

*See notation for non-organic products.

Red Wines

Voluptuous Violet

Nouveau Style Red Wine (red wine) Made with Wisconsin Blue Bell Grapes   |   18%ALC

You’ve never had a Nouveau wine like this one made right here in WI using WI bluebell grapes. The fresh, red fruit flavors of cherry, strawberry and raspberry will be delivered to your palate with a zing. With no tannins, it should be very soft to the taste, and easy to drink.


Red Pinot Noir   |   16%ALC

Description coming soon.

Siren F3

34% Marquette, 33% King of the North, 33% Wisconsin BETA, made with Wisconsin's Grapes  |  16%ALC

This wine is a blend of northern variety Wisconsin grapes. A bold and satisfying experience in a  glass - bold, smooth, and light.

French Kiss

Frontenac Wine, Made with Wisconsin's Frontenac Grapes   |   14%ALC

This northern variety Frontenac wine is a bold and satisfying experience in a glass. It is like no other Frontenac out there: bold, smooth, and light.

Black Velvet - SOLD OUT

Marquette Wine (red wine) Made with Wisconsin's Marquette grapes   |   14%ALC

This wine showcases a perfect blend of fruit flavors with a satin finish. Made with Wisconsin Marquette grapes, black velvet is becoming a quick top seller.


Steuben Wine(red wine) Made with Wisconsin's Steuben grapes   |   14%ALC

Description coming soon.

Damn Good Wine*

Red Malbec

This Argentine Malbec is a medium bodied wine that has soft berry tones with a slight peppery edge and chocolate richness. Argentine Malbec is known for spicy white pepper, violets, and jam fruit. It’s fresh, food-friendly and doesn’t require aging


Red Syrah

This is a spicy Syrah wine. It has dark berry flavors such as cassis, blueberry, blackberry in addition to spicy notes of licorice and clove. Once you take a sip, you’ll be hooked.


Marechal Foch Wine (red wine) Made with Wisconsin's Marechal Foch grapes   |   17.5%ALC

Made with Wisconsin’s own Marechal Foch grapes; this wine is a favorite among our regulars who enjoy a dry flavor without the aftertaste. With a wonderful balance of traditional wine flavors such as oak, earth, and spice; it still manages to maintain the flavor of the grape.

Red Cab*


A wonderful example of a classic Cabernet; full bodied, dry, complex, good tannins, good legs and a nice long finish. This wine pairs great with roast, steak, pastas, etc. What more could you ask for in a red wine?

Rottie Red

Description coming soon!

Black Beauty


Description coming soon!

White Wines

Femme Fatale

Made with Wisconsin's grapes   |   14%ALC

50% LaCrescent, 50% Prairie Star wine (white wine).

Oscar White Edelweiss*

Description coming soon.

Ugly Sister*

Pepin Wine (white wine) Made with Wisconsin's Pepin grapes   |   14%ALC

Great middle of the road white that has a distinct floral scent along with honey and strong fruits like pineapple and melon. It is more citrus then a chardonnay but still has the depth and complexity people come to expect from a summer white.

Oscar White Edelweiss - OAK AGED

Description coming soon.

Sweet Casa Vino-SOLD OUT

It's tea time! This sweet tea wine is made with oak leaves and lemon rinds. It has similar flavors of sweet sun made southern tea, with a kick.


Wisconsin's own chardonnay-style wine.

Smell: banana, fig, pineapple

Tasting notes: Recommend chilled

Dry white wine made from Frontenac blanc grapes.  Notes of pepper, grapefruit and pineapple.

To chill a wine place in fruit crisper for for 20 min before serving.

Pair with a rotisserie chicken where the acidity will complement the fat. This wine will go good with a white meat full meal or spicy Asian chicken and pea pods, as an example.

*100% of proceeds from the sale of this wine are donated to Beautiful Hearts Rescue & Horse Sanctuary

Blush Wines

Pink Lady

Rose Wine

Brix: 7

Smell: light; just hints of strawberries, green apple, honey

Tasting notes: lemon, grapefruit, lilac, white pepper

Recommend chilled.
Dry light rose wine made from Canadian red rhubarb. This wine is perfect for an afternoon tall glass after a light lunch. This wine would go great with a sushi sampler or just as a liquid lunch.
to chill a wine place in fruit crisper for for 20 min before serving.

Pair with a dandelion salad with a poppy seed dressing. This wine should pair well with a white meat made with citrus and herbs.


Rose Wine

Brix: 6

Smell: roses and green peppers(makes it smell sweeter), cherry
Tasting notes: roses, orange rind, tart cherries, raspberries

I prefer it chilled like a white wine but room temp is just as tasty. This wine is a great alternative to a red on a hot day. Dry rose, complementing characteristics of a white and a red wine.

To chill a wine place in fruit crisper for for 20 min before serving.

Pair with a summer type salad with feta cheese, strawberries and some kind of balsamic dressing. For meat pairing stay with chicken right off the grill.

Midnight Rendezvous-SOLD OUT

Frontenac Gris Wine, Made with Wisconsin's Frontenac Gris Grapes   |   14%ALC

This Frontenac Gris blush wine smells are apricot, pear, rhubarb, and persimmon all baked up with cinnamon. The flavors explode in the mouth with good acidity and just a nip of tannins to balance it out.

Other Wines

Night Cap*

Honey Wine

Honey wine with a twist. This honey wine was fermented with herbs such as spearmint, peppermint, chamomile, valerian and catnip which brings to its drinker the essence of a night in front of the fire, reading a favorite novel. This wine is available in an oak aged and non-aged variety.

Old Maid*


Description coming soon!

Bite of Sin

Apple Wine

A tantalizing, spicy apple wine. The initial smell is of apple and cinnamon, just like a savory apple pie. Your first taste brings out a Vietnamese cinnamon flavor that enhances the flavor of the wine. Perfect cold or warm; great bonfire drink mixed with brandy or in an apple mulled wine.

Caspian Night

Blackberry Wine

A provocative blackberry wine with amazing aroma of dark fruit like blackberries which brings you to the first sip. Indulge your senses and experience the satisfying blend of favors. Caspian Night is best paired with red meat and chocolate.

Auntie X

Cranberry Wine

A surprisingly smooth and mouthwatering cranberry wine that we proudly make with cranberries from the organic Wisconsin marshes.

Sexy & Sweet

Rhubarb Wine

A smooth rhubarb wine with a clean scent of freshly washed fruit and a hint of strawberries to the taste. Perfect on hot summer days with sliced fruit. Also works well with appetizers and dinners of light fish in fruit glaze.

Honey Bee*

Honey Mead Wine

This is a DRY mead honey wine.Less sweet than other meads in our area, and goes well with fish and shellfish (not salmon). Beer drinkers tend to enjoy this wine.